Fighting School Segregation, 21st-Century Style

As more whites and affluent people move into cities–even as more people of color and low-income families move to the suburbs–there is a growing need to confront school segregation, 21st-century style. Read on to learn about how New York Appleseed, along with Orrick,Herrington & Sutcliffe and community stakeholders have been advocating for a pro-inclusion admissions plan for Brooklyn’s schools.

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Save the Date - Our Annual NY Pillars of Justice Award

Mark your calendars and join us for our annual Pillars of Justice Award in NYC on May 18th, 2016.
Appleseed and New York Appleseed are honoring Richard G. Ketchum of FINRA. Keynote by Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. 6pm – 9pm at the New-York Historical Society.  Read more for details.

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The Appleseed Difference:
Remittance Prices
Going Down

Learn more about Appleseed’s fight for fair pricing of remittances-
money sent by immigrants to family and friends back home,
a poverty-busting tool that can make a huge difference
in helping hard-pressed families build better lives.
This year has seen a parade of positive steps that vindicate Appleseed’s hard work.

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What Is Appleseed?

Appleseed organizes, supports and connects Appleseed Centers. It provides start-up funding and staffing assistance, and recruits leadership to get new Centers off the ground. Additionally, Appleseed identifies and secures funding for local Centers and organizes them around national collaborative projects in its core issue areas of education, financial access, and immigrant rights. On an ongoing basis, Appleseed helps promote Center work, serves as a clearinghouse, and provides training and technical assistance, particularly in the areas of communications and development.

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We Believe

We believe that all people–whether they have long lived here or recently arrived–should be treated with fairness and justice. We must provide genuine opportunity for all–through excellent public education, access to public and private institutions on fair terms, and diverse, healthy neighborhoods. We believe that our connections, our research, our persuasive power, and our claims to justice improve society. We believe we can change our communities, our companies, our country and the world for the better.

Appleseed’s Model of Advocacy

Through engagement with our pro bono partners to conduct research and recommend practical solutions, our advocacy addresses those who have the power to ensure the following

— government advances the public interest,
— corporations treat consumers fairly and
— all can exercise rights and enjoy real opportunities.

Appleseed and our network of Centers identify barriers to opportunities and justice.

We are an effective, evidence-based advocacy organization whose victories secure lasting access to opportunity and justice for all.

We tackle tough problems, fill important gaps, and are reliable and accurate. We present the case for important changes and translate idealism into pragmatic solutions.

We provide meaningful, skills-based ways to get involved. We ask for a thicker form of civic engagement than donating occasionally or signing a letter that may never be delivered.

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New Faces at National Appleseed

National Appleseed has been busy building a strong team to help our network flourish, and I wanted to introduce you to some of the new faces who’ve been joining our family. Last week we welcomed Crystal Bradford, our new Development Manager, who comes to Appleseed... read more

Changes for MA Appleseed

Boston, MA, April 19, 2016 – Executive Director Joan Meschino of the Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law and Justice has won the Democratic primary in the special election for the open State Senate seat in the Plymouth and Norfolk district.  In the wake of... read more