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Dear Friends:

I wanted to share a statement issued today by Appleseed, which has worked to help immigrant and refugees build better lives for more than two decades:

“The Appleseed Network strongly opposes the President’s January 27, 2017 executive order, which halted refugee admissions and drastically restricted immigrant and detainee rights.  The order threatens to harm our nation’s Constitutional values and heritage of compassion for and welcoming of some of the world’s least fortunate people.

For more than two decades Appleseed has helped refugees and other immigrants seek justice and opportunity in the United States and Mexico.  We have published numerous blueprints to make our immigration system fairer.  Appleseed Centers have been helping families and unaccompanied children navigate the immigration system, training immigrants to advocate for themselves, and supporting “Welcoming Communities” programs and pushing for access to health care, financial services, protections for money sent home, drivers’ licenses, worker’s rights and educational benefits.

In this critical moment of moral and legal challenge, many Appleseed Centers around the country will be redoubling their efforts to help vulnerable immigrants and refugees: through systemic reforms, pro bono representation, and efforts to help immigrants build better lives and make our nation stronger.”

There’s more to come.  This is the kind of work Appleseed was created to do–to give the most vulnerable among us a chance to build a better life.  If these issues matter to you, and you want to support Appleseed, you can make a tax-deductible contribution today to the Appleseed Network or one of our 17 amazing Centers.

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