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Last week saw Appleseed mingling with opinion leaders, innovators, movie stars, athletes and hipsters at the South by Southwest festival, aka SXSW.  Many people know that SXSW has become a premier international stage for new technologies and a showcase for great music (I’ve been fortunate to sample the music and taco trucks.)

A few years ago SXSW added an education track, naturally called SXSWEdu.  This year New York and Texas Appleseed were in the thick of it, teaching, leading discussions, and even showing up on the big screen.

From New York Appleseed, Youth Policy Fellow Hebh Jamal joined Sarah Camiscoli (the founder of IntegrateNYC4me) on a panel about student organizing to promote racial and socioeconomic integration in New York City.   Matt Gonzales, Director of New York Appleseed’s School Diversity Project, was there to spread the word about their pathbreaking work.

New York City’s School Chancellor was on hand at SXSWEdu, and there was even a documentary premier, “Teach Us All,” featuring New York Appleseed and Hebh Jamal.  (Click here for the trailer.)

Meanwhile, Rocio Villalobos, Texas Appleseed‘s Community Outreach Coordinator, joined a panel of students and educators called “No Place for Hate,” to discuss Appleseed’s leadership in recent victories that banned discretionary suspensions for Pre-K through 2nd grade in Austin and reduced their use in Dallas.

This kind of exposure to thought leaders is an irreplaceable way to move debates in the states and across the country.   And the Texans even came out of it with an idea for an “IntegrateAustin” project modeled on some of the work being done in New York.

Appleseed knows how to be an effective intellectual leader, and a spreader of effective strategies.  This kind of seed-planting can be enormously effective, but it takes support from people like you.   Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution today to support New York Appleseed, Texas Appleseed, or the Appleseed Network.

– Bert

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